Connect Together

As part of the +Margate.19 commissions, I designed and illustrated a poster campaign and ran community activities in support of the Turner Prize being hosted in Kent, along the rail route from London to Margate. The project brought together cultural organisations and artists working across different art forms in a celebration of what Kent has to offer.

Connect Together / +Margate.19 project video, by Spaghetti Weston

The poster designs drew on some of the more contentious past Turner Prize winners and nominees, and made reference to public reactions to their artworks. Southeastern Railways were a partner on the project, and the posters and illustrations were produced for installation on station platforms and in towns between St Pancras and Margate.

Posters installed in the windows at INTRA

I developed the idea to provoke a response to the question ‘How does art make you feel’, and this was carried through the graphic design and a series of community activities. Working with LV21, I chatted with passengers on the train stations and people in the towns around them, asking about the Turner Prize, and if they could tell me how art made them feel in three words. Some allowed us to photograph them with their thoughts in cartoon bubbles.

The posters acted as puzzles, using mostly graphics to condense the story of famous Turner Prize artworks (and reactions to them) into something intriguing. As well as having the poster designs commercially printed, I screen printed them onto tote bags, and these were given away in Margate during the Turner Prize celebrations.

Screen printed tote bag give-aways

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